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Nominations invited for India’s first “innovations for sustainability” awards

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 19, 2011

India Carbon Outlook recently launched the Parivartan Awards for Sustainability and Innovation to showcase sustainable products, processes, facilities and operations. The nomination deadline is February 11th.

Parivartan Awards for Sustainability and...

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Food Miles- A Green Wash

By : Sandeep Roy, Jan 3, 2011

Food miles is an inadequate indicator of sustainability- so what are the different factors involved and what is the implication for Indian food exporters? Read more in this latest article in the 'Sustainable Consumption' series.

Locally sourced material does...

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Green Giving – Easy way to a sustainable lifestyle

By : Ashish Chandola, Dec 1, 2010

Ever wondered how to offset the emissions from your high carbon footprint lifestyle? Here’s a newly launched initiative ‘Green Giving’ that helps consumers contribute conveniently and do exactly that.

Global warming, carbon emissions, carbon footprint, and...

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Which is more sustainable: Paper or Plastic?

By : Pranay Kumar, Nov 18, 2010

This next article in the ‘Sustainable Consumption Series” analyses the plastic vs. paper war and positions plastic as more sustainable than paper and other packaging materials such as aluminum and glass (wherever, replaceable)*.      

Almost 7 million tonnes of plastic...

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Making the business case for water stewardship

By : Preeti Aggarwal, Oct 4, 2010

With top companies declaring their water conservation initiatives, this article reflects on the need for water stewardship programmes and the corporate perspective on making the business case for such initiatives.

With top companies declaring their water...

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Mainstreaming sustainability: Journey from CSR to sustainable sourcing

By : Preeti Aggarwal, Aug 11, 2010

Achieving sustainability is impractical without managing all aspects of life cycle. The article reflects on the progression of sustainability dialogue in the corporate setting from the traditional CSR construct to the emerging field of sustainable sourcing.


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Bio-refineries: A novel solution to optimal biomass utilization

By : setu.goyal, Jul 26, 2010

The concept of Bio-refineries came in light of reduction of dependence on traditional resources for fuel by optimum utilization of biomass. Though it has applicability in solving waste management & GHG emission problems, there are still limitations of raw-material...

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An e-Mess Age

By : avani.819, Jul 22, 2010

With import of e-waste banned in China in 2002, India & Pakistan have become the favourite e-waste dumping destination for the advanced countries. Inadequate recycling facilities and irresponsibility on behalf of electronic companies has resulted in a situation of crisis...

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Is India aiming for urban sustainability?

By : Komalirani Yenneti, Jul 19, 2010

India moving rapidly along its growth – development axis is faced with rising urbanization and growing pressure on resources especially in its urban areas. The ‘National Mission on Sustainable Habitat’ has enumerated specific steps to integrate comprehensive urban planning...

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Opinion: Need vs. Greed- The Indian climate dilemma

By : Bulu Imam, Jul 13, 2010

Though developing countries claim their ‘right to pollute’ for the sake of development, it is also important to understand that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet. New age development needs to be based on sustainable and efficient planning.


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