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Why garment Export Oriented Units (EOUs) should look at Energy Management in the next 12 months

By : Sandeep Roy, Apr 13, 2012

The article reflects on the current state of preparedness on the energy management front amongst the apparel manufacturers in India and the appropriate way forward.

What the leading apparel suppliers are doing?

In the ready-made garment industry, the three top...

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Driving responsible business behavior through metrics

By : Pawan Mehra, Mar 22, 2012

Selecting the right metrics at the right time to track Environmental and Social (E&S) performance of businesses is crucial in driving the appropriate behavioral response of businesses.


In our work with clients and analysis carried out at firms undertaking...

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Open Spaces for Urban Sustainability

By : Dhanapal G. and..., Mar 13, 2012

As urbanization leads to rapid decline in open spaces across our cities, a rethink leading to enhancement of urban biodiversity and maintenance of essential ecosystem services is a must to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Urbanization is ever increasing - urban...

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India on the Zero Carbon Index

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 3, 2012

The article presents an insight into the RICS Global Zero Carbon Capacity Index which considers zero carbon in the built environment as a directional goal.

For the past three years, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has commissioned UCL Environment...

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Integrated approach to Environmental Sustainability a must for pursuing industrial growth

By : Dhanapal G, Jan 30, 2012

Half of India’s existing 88 industrial clusters are critically polluted. With the country’s ambition to increase the percentage contribution of manufacturing sector to over 25% of GDP, it is important that an integrated approach to environmental sustainability is framed to...

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One’s waste – Other’s Fuel: but is it so simple?

By : Achal Gupta, Jan 9, 2012

In the following article, the author discusses the challenges associated with biomass procurement in India.

Biomass power plants in India are based mostly on agricultural waste. Gasifier based power plants are...

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Prefabrication – A stepping stone to sustainable development in India

By : sustainabilityo..., Dec 23, 2011

Revolutionary housing concepts like the ‘India Concept House’- a prefabricated building solution-can help achieve cost savings both in the short term and over the life of the structure.

Given the competitive nature of construction activity and the role it plays in...

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Wastewater woes: Learnings from Tirupur

By : Pranay Kumar, Dec 21, 2011

In the following article, the authors discuss the waste water woes at the Tirupur textile hub.

Testing of wastewater at Tirupur Textile Unit
Dyeing is a method, which imparts beauty to the textile by applying various colors and their...

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The Indian sustainability leap – Is ‘IT’ on?

By : VK Kripanand, Nov 25, 2011

In the following article, an IT expert sheds light on what environmental sustainability means for Indian IT companies.

A recent press article that appeared in the Times of India, said that India's spending on GREEN IT and sustainability initiatives will...

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Building green IT, shaping greener tomorrow

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 21, 2011

The following article presents a snapshot of how Microsoft, a global IT leader, has successfully embarked on this path.

A competitive IT market and growing need for eco-energy conscious solutions offers opportunities to thought leader firms to shape differentiation and...

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