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Opportunity for Increasing Waste Paper Reuse in India

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 9, 2014

Along with advances in education and a large growing middle class in India the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector is rapidly growing which in turn became the locomotive for the rapid growth in the paper packaging sector. Consequently, this will most likely increase the...

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E-Waste in India: a grey story

By : Sustainability ..., May 26, 2014

 Guest contributor, Arjun Mehta, Manager at Sims Recycling Solutions India, reflects on the critical need of the hour in developing a sustainable model for e-waste management & recovery....

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Convening Green Manufacturing Leaders on Innovation in Sustainable Textiles

By : Sustainability ..., May 14, 2014

 A CXO-level innovation sharing session was held in New Delhi in May 2014. The two major investment conversations were anchored around working towards zero liquid...

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Subject Tags: Resource Efficiency

Good furnace control critical for India’s growing MSME steel sector

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 3, 2014

 The share of MSME growth in the steel sector has implications on the energy footprint of major processes used to a) make and b) re-roll steel.

In both steel making and steel re-rolling, furnance operations are a critical focus point for both productivity, energy and...

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Infosys, ACC support national efforts for Green Power Market Development

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 6, 2014

On January 29th 2014, Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) met for the first time in New Delhi. Essentially, the group aims to aggregate captive and bulk consumers who wish to buy clean energy and hence, it is a platform to create a 'demand pull' for...

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Two years on, electronic waste continues to choke metro cities

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 6, 2014

 Last week's e-waste management and strategies in New Delhi reflected on mitigation actions taken to date, and the emergence of exciting new opportunities in this sector. While private entrepreneurs continue to experiment with different business models for clean recycling to...

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ITC: Leveraging sustainability to shape a global business leader

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 17, 2013

As one of India's largest agri-businesses, ITC is largely dependent on agriculture for its raw materials. Consequently, its long term sustainability is inextricably linked to the economic prosperity of agricultural communities that constitute a major part of its value chains...

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Supply Chain Data Exchange: Enabling Global Collaboration to Manage Supply Chain Risk

By : Anonymous, Jul 26, 2013

Companies today are increasingly aware of their responsibility to effectively manage social and environmental risk in their global supply chains. Pressure from the media, investors, NGOs and other stakeholders continues to highlight that many of the highest risks lie hidden...

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Technology: en-route sustainability and innovation!

By : Anonymous, Jul 17, 2013

The term ‘Sustainability’ was widely-disseminated for the first time by a credible source in the Brundtland Report in 1987 by a commission established by the UN General Assembly. The report coined the well-known definition for sustainability as “development that meets the...

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How green buildings can serve as prototypes for sustainable living in cities

By : Sustainability ..., May 20, 2013

This article takes a look at how GE’s John F Welch Technology Centre has built a green building ecosystem in Bangalore

The concept of sustainable buildings has caught on significantly in the Indian market. Green buildings generate less waste, help in water and...

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