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Rural DRE Mini-grids Innovation blitz : Fringe or Future?

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 24, 2015

One of the key factors determining whether Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) based mini-grid systems will become the mainstream energy access solution in rural areas or continue to remain on the fringe will be scalability (linked to regulatory resolution on long term...

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Greening Big Data

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 18, 2015
With the advent of the Internet of Things, Big Data is driving the large businesses in the world and the penetration of data centers in our lives is set to increase manifold. India’s IT sector contributed about 8% to the GDP in 20141  and is a...
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Daylighting: Using the Sun to Light up Building Interiors

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 13, 2015
Hyderabad based Skyshade Daylighting Solutions is a company that has come up with several innovative products that capture sunlight and deliver the light in buildings without converting solar energy into electricity. 
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Waste to Wealth: Reusing Sewage Waste for Industrial Input

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 12, 2015

Can India's dual problems of increasing water scarcity and sewage treatment be solved by using sewage treated water as the input water for industries?

Problem 1: Freshwater scarcity - Thermal power plants in India account for 88% fresh water use in Industry
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Transit-Oriented Development in India: The use of electric transport

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 10, 2015

This article was authored by Dibyendu Sengupta, Transport Sector Specialist of EBTC.


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Technologies for Profitable Zero Liquid Discharge

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 9, 2015

This article was authored by Vikram Dhumal, Sandra D'Sa and Dr. Sanjay Jain of Geist Research Pvt. Limited.

Generation of various...
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De-coding Thermal Mass and R-Value for Optimizing Building Efficiency

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 30, 2015
Residential and commercial buildings account for about 30% of Indian’s electricity which was approximately 294 TWh in 2012 and would increase to 11948 TWh by 2047, if present trends continue.1 The Ministry of Environment and Forests estimated...
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How sustainable was your last meal at a restaurant?

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 22, 2014
One may be very environmentally conscious at home, using LEDs for lighting, organic produce for cooking and even composting the left-over tea leaves for manure, but have we ever stopped to ponder over the environmental impact of our meals when we dine at...
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Zero Liquid Discharge: Treating Effluents as a Resource Stream might be the Way Forward

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 11, 2014
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a series of processes (like membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation and crystallization) that extract pure water from industrial effluents, leaving behind sludge, dissolved solids, suspended particles and salt...
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Vehicle Sharing – Exploring the Market in India

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 7, 2014

Vehicle sharing is the simplest, most cost effective intervention for addressing the urban mobility problems we are facing today. 

In the Indian economy, which faces rapid rates of urbanization, urban mobility problems will choke growth in multiple ways, including:...

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