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Report: Energy security at the base of the pyramid

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 19, 2009

How to provide access to light for 1.6 billion people that experience darkness each night? And how to improve the centuries old inefficient biomass energy being used by 3 billion people?

This concise report from...

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Plastic bags vs. paper bags: a classic case for 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

By : Upendra Bhatt, Oct 15, 2009

The law by the State Govt of Delhi to ban the use, sale and storage of all kinds of plastic bags has meant that customers, shopkeepers, hoteliers and hospital staff face a fine and a possible jail sentence for using non-biodegradable bags.

For last several years, Delhi...

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UN needs a global agency to promote sustainable lifestyle as fashionable

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 14, 2009

The IEA report introduced in the midst of last week’s Bangkok discussions was overly optimistic in its forecast atleast as far as India is concerned. Fashion holds the key in making the...

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Ripples of life cycle carbon footprint reaching India

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 12, 2009

As the largest global firms embrace sustainable practices and measure the carbon footprint along the supply chain, Indian suppliers need to get prepared.

The sectors that are likely to be affected the most are agricultural products, textiles,...

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India’s NextGen building infrastructure: efficient and cheaper

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 8, 2009

Buildings directly and indirectly accounts for nearly 50% of the GHG emissions. In India where construction is set to continue growing in the foreseeable future, there is an opportunity gap for entrepreneurs.

If one adds direct GHG emissions from building...

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