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IIT-Madras solar DC tech to light up villages

By : editor_2, Jan 17, 2019

The remote places in Manipur, Meghalaya and Assam that are beyond the reach of electricity grids will soon to get electricity thanks to the Solar DC technology pioneered by IIT Madras....

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IIT-Ropar makes low-cost device to check water pollution

By : editor_2, Dec 19, 2018

Officials of the Punjab Pollution Control Board may soon be spared the tasked of collecting samples from water bodies to check the level of pollution in them.


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IIT-M startup develops solar-powered cold storage for farmers

By : editor_2, Nov 15, 2018

In an attempt to cut wastage of agricultural produce and augment income for farmers, IIT Madras-incubated startup Tan90 has developed a portable, solar-powered cold storage device to preserve...

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New material harvests Sun's heat for cheaper electricity generation

By : editor_2, Oct 22, 2018

Scientists have developed a material that can be used to harvest electricity from the Sun's heat, paving the way for generating cheaper solar power on cloudy days and at nighttime. The...

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Scientists create semi-artificial photosynthesis system that creates fuel from water

By : editor_2, Sep 5, 2018

Scientists have developed a semi-artificial photosynthesis system that uses sunlight to produce hydrogen fuel from water. Photosynthesis is the process plants use to convert sunlight into energy...

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India conducts first LiDAR-based wind profiling to set up offshore farms

By : editor_2, Sep 4, 2018

India has successfully conducted a first-of-its-kind LiDAR-based offshore wind profile measurement at the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat, the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) said in a...

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Maersk Tankers tests wind power to fuel ships

By : editor_2, Aug 31, 2018

Maersk Tankers is testing the use of wind power to fuel its ships, a new technology it says can cut fuel consumption by up to 10 percent and help the industry reduce polluting emissions....

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Wastewater from textile mills could power batteries, says study

By : editor_2, Aug 29, 2018

A sapphire-coloured dye -- a common industrial pollutant from textile mills -- could be used to build rechargeable batteries for wind farms and solar homes to store electricity, a study has...

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This solar tree charges your phone, provides free Wi-Fi

By : editor_2, Aug 27, 2018

Municipal administration minister SP Velumani on Sunday inaugurated a ‘smart tree’ at VOC Park under which people can rest and browse the internet using free Wi-Fi connectivity....

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Lithium-ion batteries that don't catch fire in the offing

By : editor_2, Aug 24, 2018

At a time when consumer electronics players are aiming to develop safe lithium-ion batteries that don't catch fire, a team of researchers has developed a practical and inexpensive way to help...

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