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Target Commits to 5 Bold Sustainable Packaging Goals for 2022

By : SustainabilityO..., Apr 27, 2017

Just weeks after releasing a new forest products policy, in which it pledges to source all of the wood, paper, paper-based and wood-based fiber used in its brand-owned products from post-...

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Sustainability Outlook partners with FICCI for the Symposium on Circular Economy & Waste Management

By : SustainabilityO..., Apr 19, 2017

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing the first symposium on Circular Economy and Waste Management on April 25-26 2017. The symposium is the first and only...

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London, Wales Launch Ambitious New Circular Economy Schemes

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 17, 2017

More and more, circular economic models are providing ways for governments and businesses to increase efficiency, reduce waste and create new jobs. Two new initiatives in the UK reinforce that...

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EU funding for textile sorting technology pilot

By : SustainabilityO..., Oct 13, 2016

Dutch sustainability consultancy Circle Economy has announced that it has received €3.5 million of funding for a project which aims to demonstrate the viability of smart textile sorting...

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Packaging Industry Urges EU to Embolden Circular Economy Strategy

By : SustainabilityO..., Sep 1, 2016

The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) and 35 other associations1 representing a wide range of sectors including major consumer goods brands, packaging producers,...

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Levi’s, EU Project Unlock New Ways to Turn Textile Waste Into New Products

By : SustainabilityO..., May 23, 2016

With dramatically large amounts of clothing and other textiles being thrown out every year – nearly 10 million tonnes in the United States and more than 3 million tonnes in European Union (EU)...

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Levi’s to recycle old jeans into new ones

By : SustainabilityO..., Apr 12, 2016

In a bid to create circular economy, Levi’s plans to divert clothing from landfills and take-back programmes for apparel to recycle everything from building insulation to cushioning material....

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Trucost Research Points to $10B #BusinessCase for Circular Economy for Electronics

By : editor_2, Oct 28, 2015

Last month, the Green Electronics Council (GEC) unveiled new research carried out by Trucost that highlights the importance of advancing best circular-economy practices throughout the electronics sector.

The GEC engaged Trucost in order to better understand the...

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