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Worsening Water Quality Affects Economic Growth: World Bank

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 22, 2019

Worsening Water Quality The world faces an invisible crisis of water quality that is eliminating one-third of potential economic growth in heavily polluted areas and threatening human and...

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In Maharashtra village farmers switch to solar pumps, experts fear groundwater exploitation

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 12, 2019

In Maharashtra's Jalgaon village, many farmers spend sleepless nights to irrigate their fields, as power for irrigation isn't available during the daytime for 15 days a month, but Dattaji Balaji...

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1.8 billion of world’s population live in water-stressed regions

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 8, 2019

Amidst one of the hottest months in recorded history, Chennai faced acute water shortage- the reservoir providing drinking water to 4.6 million people dried up. This reservoir was India’s...

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ADB Study: More food for less water in southern Asia

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 8, 2019

Rice is one of the staple foods in southern Asia. It needs large amounts of water to be grown and population increase and climate change are major challenges for irrigation farming in the region...

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CSE does first-of-its-kind environmental rating of the Indian fertilizer industry under its Green Rating Project (GRP)

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 7, 2019

Environment minister Prakash Javadekar releases rating report in New Delhi. This is the 7th industrial sector to be rated by GRP. GRP is a unique programme that rates Indian industry for its...

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India's Chennai rapid growth threatened by water shortages

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 6, 2019

Dozens of billion-dollar companies. Thousands of high-paying IT and manufacturing jobs. Luxury apartments towering over the Bay of Bengal. The southern Indian city of Chennai has one of the...

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Parched manufacturing city in India brings in water by rail

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 30, 2019

Amid the green Yelagiri hills of southern India, the train inches along the tracks, carrying what has become precious cargo: drinking water bound for Chennai, India’s parched Motor City. Demand...

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Nature Conservation Day 2019: Mission Pani could be key to preventing a nationwide water crisis

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 29, 2019

The water crisis in Chennai, and droughts witnessed in Maharashtra and several other states this year, are likely to heighten if India fails take efforts to conserve water and replenish the low...

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Immediate need to frame policy for river basin management, treated wastewater reuse

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 25, 2019

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) Director General Rajiv Ranjan Mishra has highlighted an immediate need to frame a comprehensive central policy document for river basin management and...

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Soot content in air declining, says IISc-Isro study

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 16, 2019

The amount of soot or black carbon in India’s air is reducing. It has been declining at a rate of 100 nanogram per cubic metre per year, a recent study by scientists from Indian Institute of...

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