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Novel powder to help cut CO2 emissions

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 31, 2018

Scientists have created a novel powder that can capture carbon dioxide emissions from factories and power plants.


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EU's climate chief calls for bloc to go for net-zero emissions by 2050

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 28, 2018

The European Union's climate chief on Tuesday called on the bloc to aim for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the most ambitious path in a long-term strategy due to be announced on...

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UN report on 'mission impossible' climate target

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 1, 2018

An executive summary of the UN special report on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius will be vetted in South Korea this week, line-by-line, by diplomats under the 195-nation...

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New Carbon Capture Technology Slashes Cost Per Ton

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 12, 2018

A new carbon capture process to make fuel at an industrial plant brings the cost down to between $94 and $232 per ton compared to previous estimates of $600 per ton. The technology could help...

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Indian firm makes carbon capture breakthrough

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 3, 2017

A breakthrough in the race to make useful products out of planet-heating CO2 emissions has been made in southern India.


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New project promises CO2 capture at $30 per tonne

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 12, 2016

Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) has claimed that its new project in India will strip CO2 at $30 per tonne, significantly cheaper than other carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies....

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New Solar Device Removes Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere

By : sustainabilityo..., Aug 1, 2016

A new type of solar-powered technology has the potential to play a big role in the fight against climate change if its inventors can take it from the laboratory to industrial-scale use....

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CO2 turned into stone in Iceland in climate change breakthrough

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 10, 2016


Carbon dioxide has been pumped underground and turned rapidly into stone, demonstrating a radical new way to tackle climate change.


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Exxon Mobil Backs FuelCell Effort to Advance Carbon Capture Technology

By : sustainabilityo..., May 6, 2016

For years, FuelCell Energy has been considered a company to watch. Its technology promised to help economically reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, which could help combat climate...

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Carbon capture projects worldwide rise to 15 -report

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 5, 2015

There are now 15 projects in operation worldwide that have captured 28 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from coal and industrial plants this year, a technology that must be scaled-up to tackle climate change, a report released Thursday...

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