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New research on sustainable agriculture shows why farmers adopt or dismiss nontoxic farming methods

By : Sustainability ..., May 28, 2019

If researchers knew what kept farmers from adopting natural methods to grow healthier plants and vanquish pests, curbing hunger worldwide might be more feasible. That assumption underpins a new...

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46% of tea produced in India is sustainable and safe, says Trustea

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 3, 2019

Trustea, a locally developed and owned Indian sustainability code and verification system for the Indian tea sector, has announced that it has verified 608 million kg of tea as being “...

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Gurugram’s new age farmers

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 1, 2019

In Gurugram, urban farmers are attracting attention and urban farming has found a new meaning and definition. In the cyber city, over 200  organisational heads, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs,...

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Walmart Foundation Supports IDEI Irrigation Project to Raise Incomes for 10,000 Smallholder Farming Families

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 28, 2019

Ten thousand smallholder farmers in Andhra Pradesh are set to benefit from the introduction of sustainable irrigation products and practices under a program offered by International Development...

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SC seeks Centre's response on using NCEEF for seeder machines for farmers

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 21, 2019

The Supreme Court has asked the Centre to respond to the plea that a part of Rs 75,000 crore available with it under the National Clean Energy and Environment Fund (NCEEF) be utilised for the purchase of Turbo Happy Seeder machines for farmers for cutting standing paddy...

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'Soura Jalanidhi' scheme launched in Odisha

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 31, 2018

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday launched the Soura Jalanidhi scheme that aims to increase use of solar energy for helping farmers in irrigating their land.


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Solar Power for Agriculture : Maharashtra

By : sustainabilityo..., May 15, 2018

Aiming to provide regular power to farmers through agricultural feeders, the Maharashtra government has issued a tender inviting bids for 2 MW-10 MW capacity solar projects totalling 1,000 MW...

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India asks FAO to remove hurdles in accessing climate funds

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 6, 2017

India today asserted that climate finance is necessary for sustainable agriculture and the UN body -- Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) -- should remove capacity constraints in accessing...

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Salt degradation imperils world's arid farmlands

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 3, 2014

Salt is poisoning around 2,000 hectares of irrigated farm land every day – and has been doing so for the last 20 years, according to new research. Think of an area about the size of 3,000 football fields that can no longer be used to produce food each day. And then remember...

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Tea Board of India defers plant protection code

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 3, 2014

The industry is facing increased challenges by the way of awareness among consumers on the need for using safer, healthier and more environment-friendly products.
The Tea Board of India has decided to defer full implementation of the plant protection code (PPC) which...

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