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Junked cars worsen Delhi traffic trauma - Mail Today News

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 17, 2019

IIT study says over 2,000 abandoned vehicles choking roads Despite HC snub, civic bodies fail to remove such automobiles There are enforcement wings to deal with such vehicles, said YS MANN, spokesperson for east and north civic bodies As road infrastructure hasn't kept pace...

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India, Japan jointly Launch 'M2Smart' Project to Solve Traffic Congestion using AI, IoT and Neural Networks

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 3, 2019

A joint research project "Multi Modal Smart Transportation (M2Smart)", by Japan and India under a scheme of "Science Technology Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS), was launched at...

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Globally, four million kids develop asthma annually due to traffic-related pollution, India stands second

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 12, 2019

About four million children, globally, develop asthma annually because of inhaling nitrogen dioxide air pollution, a recent study has revealed. According to the study, the largest burdens related to air pollution was found in China followed by India.

The study...

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