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New chemical can cut vehicle emission to zero: Inventors

By : SustainabilityO..., May 26, 2017

A group of five people has claimed to have invented a chemical that can substantially reduce pollution caused by gases emitted by vehicles plying on roads. If successful, the invention could...

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Air pollution: Delhi government’s expensive PUC vehicular emissions network system fails utility test

By : SustainabilityO..., May 15, 2017

Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) in a report pointed out the hurdles the department is facing with the new network installed to monitor the vehicular emissions in Delhi. The report...

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UK proposes clean-air zones, scrappage scheme for polluting cars

By : SustainabilityO..., May 8, 2017

Britain said on Friday it could introduce a scrappage scheme to get the most polluting cars and vans off its roads and charge some drivers of old vehicles to enter parts of the country, as it...

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Supreme Court orders CPCB to fix emission norms for industries in the National Capital Region

By : SustainabilityO..., May 3, 2017

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Centre Pollution for Control Board (CPCB) to fix by June 30 emission standards for industries in the National Capital Region using pet coke and furnace...

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Delhi government suspends plan to install air purifiers in schools

By : SustainabilityO..., May 3, 2017

Two days after the Delhi government directed the city schools to install air purifiers for combating air pollution, it has decided to temporarily suspend the plan on Tuesday.

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Three-year plan to let Delhi breathe: Niti Aayog

By : SustainabilityO..., May 2, 2017

Underlining air pollution as a serious problem, the government's think tank Niti Aayog in its latest action agenda has come out with a five-point remedy, including higher taxes on petrol\diesel...

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Delhi govt directs schools to install air purifiers

By : SustainabilityO..., May 1, 2017

In a bid to protect students from the effects of shooting pollution levels in the national Capital, the Delhi government has directed the city schools to install air purifiers....

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Gurgaon construction sites to be monitored for dust pollution

By : SustainabilityO..., Apr 4, 2017

Deputy commissioner of Gurgaon, Hardeep Singh, on Monday ordered the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) to inspect construction sites in the city and initiate action against those not...

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Veolia and Carbon Clean Solutions Partner to Help Companies Lower Carbon Footprints, Advance the Circular Economy

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 30, 2017

In a deal that aims to reduce industrial emissions and convert CO2 into new products for reuse, Veolia and Carbon Clean Solutions (CCSL) have partnered for the large-scale rollout of CCSL’s...

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Emission Norms: Supreme Court Tells Automobile Firms Not To Delay BS-IV Roll Out

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 28, 2017

The Supreme Court has asked automobile companies not to frustrate the government's initiative to check increasing levels of pollution by selling BS-III vehicles which they are holding in stock....

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