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Driving Sustainable Development Via ‘Green’ Windows

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 22, 2019

As the development dreams of emerging nations such as India hasten urbanisation, it inadvertently leaves a higher carbon trail, increasing global warming. Although development can’t be stopped,...

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Power Ministry to bring norms to promote green transmission cables

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 18, 2019

The Power Ministry is likely to issue soon new norms for bringing greener options of electricity transmission cables like aluminium to protect environment from ill-effects of lead-based...

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Tamil Nadu government takes certain plastics off ban list

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 6, 2018

 After announcing ban...

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Polymer ‘sponge’ can clean up oil spills

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 20, 2018

Scientists have developed a polymer sponge, using waste products from the petroleum and refining industries, that can quickly soak up crude oil from marine spills.


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