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Andhra Pradesh commissions 8,203 MW renewable energy capacity

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 6, 2020

Andhra Pradesh, a major renewable energy...

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Green Companies continue to bid aggressively for solar projects

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 4, 2019

Renewable energy firms are continuing with aggressive bids for solar projects, with the winners in the latest auction including Finland’s Fortum and US-based Acme quoting a tariff of Rs 2.48 per...

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Promise of world's cheapest wind power faces delays in India

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 1, 2019


India has drawn global attention since it started awarding wind power projects at record-low tariffs, spurring optimism that renewable energy could supplant the nation’s abundant coal resources in electricity generation. But about half of the more than one gigawatt...

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Indian Railways drawing 4 GW solar project bid for powering locos

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 17, 2019

Indian Railways will soon run trains using solar power from arrays of photovoltaic cells deployed on both sides of select electrified tracks in 10 states, replacing 4,000 MW of coal-fired...

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