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IARI developing water treatment plant that uses agricultural waste

By : SustainabilityO..., May 31, 2017

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), along with four universities from India and Canada, are working to develop a cost-effective water treatment plant that uses agriculture waste...

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Indigenous technology developed at CSIR-IICT shows the way to recycle industrial effluent

By : SustainabilityO..., Apr 26, 2017

Industries, especially in the chemical sector that face the problem of getting rid of waste water, can look forward to some productive options. Thanks to an indigenous technology developed by...

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Centre approves new Ganga cleaning projects at a cost of over Rs 370 crore

By : SustainabilityO..., Jan 3, 2017

The Centre has approved new projects at an indicative cost of over Rs 370 crore for its ongoing Ganga rejuvenation programme in Haridwar and Varanasi and decided to include six more cities\towns...

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“Political Willingness backed by good governance is the only solution for water sector”

By : SustainabilityO..., Sep 30, 2016

In conversation with Sustainability Outlook, Mr. Patrick Rousseau, Chairman & Managing Director at Veolia, India, shares his thoughts on the trends, outlook and challenges for water treatment sector in India.

What is the status of...

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“Financial hurdles if removed will ease the growth of water treatment sector in India”

By : SustainabilityO..., Sep 28, 2016

In conversation with Sustainability Outlook, Dr. Sreedharan Suthakar, Managing Director at Aqua Designs India Pvt. Limited, shares his thoughts on the trends, outlook and...

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Electrolysed water is most efficient water treatment method: Expert

By : SustainabilityO..., Jul 15, 2016

Experts from Spain on Thursday demonstrated electrolyzed water technology in a one-day workshop on the subject at Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus (RBSETC), Bichpuri. According to...

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TN to rope in private sector for osmosis plants in tier-2 cities

By : SustainabilityO..., Jun 20, 2016

The Tamil Nadu government plans to rope in the private sector to put up tertiary treated osmosis plants at Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchi and Tirunelveli, said K Phanindra Reddy, Principal...

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India-EU technology helping use waste water to boost crop productivity

By : SustainabilityO..., Jun 17, 2016

'Water4Crops', a joint project undertaken by the European Union (EU) and India, offers 'Constructed Wetland', a technology to reuse the wastewater in rural areas for irrigation which would also...

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Polluted stretches found in 8 Goa rivers

By : SustainabilityO..., Jun 10, 2016

The Central pollution control board (CPCB) has asked the Goa state pollution control board (GSPCB) to submit a detailed action plan for restoration of water quality in the polluted stretches of...

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Uma Bharti to visit Israel to gain insight on water technology

By : SustainabilityO..., Jun 2, 2016

Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti is visiting Israel in June to gain first-hand knowledge on technologies and expertise in water sector including desalination, urban water systems and...

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