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Indian Railways tenders 32.56 MWp rooftop solar

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 10, 2019

Railway Energy Management Company, on behalf of Indian Railways, has invited bids for setting up 32.56 MWp of grid-connected rooftop solar systems at office buildings, railway stations and other establishments of various Zonal Railways. The projects will be set up under...

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Gujarat's rooftop solar power scheme aims to cover 2 lakh families

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 1, 2019

Gujarat energy minister Saurabh Patel said that the state government's rooftop solar panel scheme aims to cover two lakh households by March 31 next year. Under the scheme, people can install solar panels for electricity generation on the roof of their houses, and if there is...

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Tamil Nadu: Govt buildings will soon harness rooftop solar power

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 23, 2019

All state government buildings will soon start generating power, once the planned roof top solar systems are installed. An agreement, to facilitate this, was signed here on Thursday between Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited. As...

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Innovation Summit on theme renewable energy in Hyderabad

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 19, 2019

Governor Phil Murphy spoke at Sustainability Innovation Summit on theme renewable energy in Hyderabad, Telangana organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Telangana's Energy Department. In his remarks the Governor focused on emergent energy challenges and opportunities...

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Vikram Solar commissions rooftop solar plant in Rajasthan

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 12, 2019

Solar energy solutions provider Vikram Solar said on Wednesday that has commissioned a rooftop solar plant for SL Nutritions at the RIICO Industrial Area of Nagaur in Rajasthan. A Vikram Solar release here said the Rajasthan solar plant has a capacity of 558 kilowattpeak (kWp...

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Uttar Pradesh tenders 16 MW of ‘Capex mode’ rooftop solar

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 4, 2019

The projects are to be installed for captive use with grid integration. Bids can be made for capacities in three different categories: 1 to 10 KW (aggregating to 1.2 MW), 11 KW to 100 KW (10 MW) and 101 KW to 500 KW (4.8 MW). To be eligible, the bidder should be a solar cells...

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Karnataka ranks best in roof top solar development

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 22, 2019

Karnataka has emerged as the best state for setting up a roof top solar project, according to a survey released by the Centre. The state rooftop solar attractiveness index–SARAL released by the...

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Large industries unable to tap rooftop solar energy

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 19, 2019

For large-scale industries, which are high tension (HT) electricity consumers, in the State, rooftop solar energy system is yet to become attractive though Tamil Nadu has a new solar policy. “...

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Gujarat tops India in rooftop solar power generation capacity

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 24, 2019

Gujarat has emerged as the state with the most rooftop solar panels installed. According to data tabled in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, Gujarat has an installed rooftop solar power capacity of 261.97...

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India Renewables Capacity On Track to Overshoot Paris Target by 60%

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 23, 2019

India is on track to overshoot a key Paris Agreement target by nearly 60% by obtaining close to two-thirds of its installed electricity capacity from renewable sources by 2030, according to a...

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