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By : sustainabilityoutlook Nov 04 2010

Linus Lobo is the Chief Operating Officer of IPFonline- trade information and service provider of Industrial and Engineering Product reviews. The fundamental focus of  IPFonline Ltd is to offer industry information about various engineering products, related categories and their manufacturers...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Nov 02 2010

In an ambitious target of being a carbon neutral company by 2012, Infosys has undertaken a number of exemplary sustainability initiatives.

Company Profile

Infosys Technologies Ltd. is a global leader in the IT consulting space with more than 100,000 empl...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 08 2010

In this interview under our ‘Corporate Sustainability Series’, Sanjib Bezbaroa (Head, Corporate Environment Health & Safety at ITC Ltd.) talks about the drivers for sustainability, emission reduction targets and the status of green procurement in ITC.

Sanjib Bezbaroa heads the Corp...

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By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 05 2010

In this next article in the "Corporate Sustainability Series", Beroz Gazdar, Vice President- Group Sustainability in Mahindra and Mahindra, talks about how the company percieves sustainability, their sustainability targets till 2015 and the supply chain initiatives of M&M.

Ms. Bero...

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By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 02 2010

As a part of its sustainability initiatives, Bharti Airtel has used innovative ideas to make its buildings more energy efficient and eco friendly.

Bharti Airtel Showcase

Company Profile:  Bharti Enterprises is one of India's leading busi...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 01 2010

Boris Westphal, Managing Director of Suntrace talks about the CSP focused work being done by his company, past and upcoming trends in the solar thermal industry in 2010 and the opportunities they  perceive in the Indian CSP market due to the National Solar Mission.

Boris Westphal heads...

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By : sustainabilityoutlook Sep 29 2010

In this first article under the “Corporate Sustainability Series”, Reji K. Pillai (Head, Energy & Utilities Industry at IBM India/South Asia) talks about the drivers for sustainability, emission reduction targets and the status of green procurement in IBM.

Reji Pillai is a renowned...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Sep 21 2010

Mr. Patrick von Braunmühl is the Senior International Advisor to GTZ- ASEM in the project “Consumer Protection and Sustainable Consumption in India” and is heading a number of pilot initiatives for consumer awareness and protection programs in several states of India.


By : sustainabilityoutlook Sep 02 2010

Using K Series technology, Maruti Suzuki has developed engines which have lower CO2 emissions than average European car emissions. 'A – star’, fitted with the K series engine is positioned as an environment friendly, fule efficient car.

Company Profile: Maruti...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Aug 17 2010

Bharati Chaturvedi- Director, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group- shares her motivations behind setting up the organization, her views on the impact of the newly released e-waste guidelines on the informal waste sector, and also the impact of privatization and Commonwealth Games on t...