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By : sustainabilityoutlook Dec 28 2011

Mr. Pranshu Singhal, Head-Sustainability at Nokia-India discusses what makes this world class corporate a sustainability icon.

“Nokia's environmental work is based on life cycle thinking” – What are the focus areas and initiatives that Nokia has undertaken in-line with this philoso...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Nov 28 2011

Mr S Raghupathy, Executive Director of CII-Godrej GBC, Hyderabad shared his views on the transformation of the green building market and its future.

What do you feel about the status of the construction sector in India in terms of awareness regarding green practices and green build...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Nov 23 2011

Dr. G.C. Datta Roy, CEO of Dalkia Energy Services shares his thoughts on the potential of the PAT scheme, current status and the future.

Can you give us an overview of Dalkia Energy Services and the core business areas that you are involved in?
We are a part of the gl...

By : Sustainability Outlook Nov 14 2011

In this next piece in our series “Different Strokes”, we are presenting a snapshot of the career journey of a sustainability knowledge management professional Mr. Jai Kumar Gaurav, working at an international development organisation.


By : sustainabilityoutlook Nov 01 2011

Ashvin Dayal, Managing Director-Asia at Rockefeller Foundation talks about the SPEED Program for rural electrification in India, its current status and feedback received from the various stakeholders.

As the Managing Director- Asia of Rockefeller Foundation, Ashvin Dayal oversees work for...

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By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 20 2011

Neeraj Prasad from World Bank Institute shares his views on the PAT scheme potential for India and international organizations.

Neeraj Prasad is Manager for the Climate Change Practice of the World Bank Institute. He counts morethan t...

Subject Tags: energy, India, Technology, World Bank
By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 18 2011

Dr. Ram Babu is the Chief Executive Officer at General Carbon and has participated in setting up many of the systems and processes of the Clean Development Mechanismand has also led some of the early transactions in the compliance and voluntary markets. R. P. Sharma is a Director at General Carbo...

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By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 14 2011

Takashi Hongo from Japan Bank for International Cooperation talks about their mechanisms for financing projects focused at reduction of GHG emission and Indo-Japan potential collaboration opportunities.

Takashi Hongo is the Special Advisor for Environment Business Promotion at...

By : sustainabilityoutlook Oct 04 2011

The "Father of the Green Revolution in India", Prof. M S Swaminathan shares his views on the status of the National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture, and myriad opportunities for India to explore.

Professor M S Swaminathan has been acclaimed by the TIME magazine as one of the twenty...

By : Sustainability Outlook Sep 27 2011

In this next piece in our series “Different Strokes”, we are presenting a snapshot of the career journey of a sustainability academician Dr. Shalini Sharma working in the Centre for Climate Change, ESCI.

Sustainability Academician

Dr. Shalini Sharma
Head, Cent...

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