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By : Sustainability Outlook Sep 03 2014

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Anupam Jain, CEO of Rationale de Design about sustainable urban design. 

Why pursue green building science and urban design in India rather than markets (like the US) where consumers are more open to these ideas?

People are o...

By : Sustainability Outlook Sep 02 2014

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Dr. Nitin Pandit, Managing Director, World Resource Institute, on "the 1/3 approach" to urban mobility.

The HUB, a data and research focal point for research on urban transport facilitated by EMBARQ India, is one of many open-data type initi...

By : Sustainability Outlook Sep 02 2014

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Chetan Maini, CEO of Mahindra Reva on the intertwined future for digital connectivity and electric mobility. 

What is on the horizon for electric cars in India?

Fundamentally the market globally is seeking an ecosystem soluti...

By : Sustainability Outlook Sep 01 2014

 Sustainability Outlook spoke to Rohan M Parikh, Head of Green Initiatives & Infrastructure on Infosys's latest endeavorsinto sustainable resource management and the futures plans for their green initiative program. 

Why is Infosys investing in sustainable resource man...

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By : Sustainability Outlook Aug 07 2014

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Prakash Kumar on enablers for the CSP market in India and its for outlook for growth with states and large industries as key target customers.

You mentioned in our offline conversations that there isn't enough technical confidence on CSP ins...

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By : Sustainability Outlook May 29 2014

Sustainability Outlook talked to Göran Folkesson (CEO) and Anil Arora (India Head), Clean Motion, on re-designing personal mobility for a energy scarce world and introducing Zbees to India. 

Most of us aren’t quite used to the idea of an electric vehicle. Do you think new...

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By : Sustainability Outlook Apr 02 2014

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Innovator and CEO, Ajaita Shah, Frontier Markets about her unique approach to catalysing solar: using customer-centric distribution & marketing company to help close sales in rural markets for clean energy products.

Clean energy products often ap...

By : Sustainability Outlook Dec 26 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Fortum India to understand what is required for renewable energy interventions to power up India’s industrial sector. Rooftop solar and group captive CHP are gaining momentum and opportunities exist for equity and policy changes to further catalyse industrial u...

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By : Sustainability Outlook Dec 26 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Mr. Sanjay Choudhary, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer at Tata Chemicals (TCL) on the role of renewable energy in captive generation and how to build a sustainable supplier ecosystem. Mr. Choudhary explains how companies can work with supp...

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By : Sustainability Outlook Oct 17 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Sam Pitroda, Chairman of National Innovation Council, on what it takes to decouple growth from consumption.


How do you see the preparedness of Indian policymakers, corporates, and entrepreneurs to innovate and propel Indi...

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