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Rag-pickers to be trained in managing waste

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 24, 2014

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation along with its South Delhi counterpart is going to start a zero waste management scheme on a pilot basis in East Vinod Nagar and Dwarka areas.
The aim of the project is to segregate garbage at source for further utilization...

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Cancer-causing benzene not part of air quality index

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 3, 2014

The air quality index (AQI) recently launched by the Centre doesn't monitor the quantity of benzene, a component of petrol or gasoline. Constant exposure to high levels of the carcinogen (a cancer-causing substance) may have serious long-term health effects. With benzene...

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Old tech gear piling up? Dump it in Corporation's 'e-waste kiosks'

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 25, 2014

People in Chennai can now drop broken keyboards, used batteries and other damaged electronic equipment in Corporation of Chennai's 'e-waste kiosks'. 

The civic body has opened one in each of its 200 ward offices in the city. A corporation official said people can leave...

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