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By : sustainabilityoutlook, Oct 20, 2014

Indian cities are struggling to accommodate the accelerated pace of urbanization – resulting in crumbling urban infrastructure and unaffordable options for urban accommodation. Earlier in 2014, was launched as the first ISO standard for smart...

Subject Tags: Energy, Smart Cities
By : sustainabilityoutlook, Oct 20, 2014


The paradigm for sustainable water management is changing radically. The Embodied Value of Water (EVW) captures the true value of water in enabling revenue creation i.e. for every unit of product, it is revenue...

Subject Tags: portfolio risk, Water
By : sustainabilityoutlook, Apr 30, 2014

 Private investment in food processing and agri-business is growing rapidly. Some of this investment activity is attributed to greater participation by private equity/VC investors; while in other cases, there is significant strategic interest by...

Subject Tags: Food Processing, investment