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Hero Electric and CSC e-Governance's partnership will help promote electric mobility in rural India

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 4, 2019

You know how we talk about electric vehicles and electric mobility in India? What most of us don't realise that this conversation seems to be laregly restricted to metro cities and urban areas in the geographical context. However, the pursuit of mass adoption of electric...

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Public transport to reduce Bhubaneswar’s carbon footprint

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 22, 2019

The Smart City’s public transport system will soon have a Low Carbon Mobility (LCM) component. A German agency — German Corporation for International Cooperation or GIZ — will provide technical...

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World Bank to invest over $1 billion over next 2-3 years in Maharashtra

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 1, 2017

World Bank would invest over $1 billion over next 2-3 years in Maharashtra and it would be providing assistance for urban transport projects like MUTP phase 3 and climate resilient project...

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