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Maharashtra starts industry rating to check emissions

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 6, 2017

In a first in India, industries in Maharashtra will be on regular monitoring of particulate matter and other air pollutants and they will get government rating based on their emission levels....

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Railways to reduce emission by 33 per cent by 2030

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 5, 2017

Going green, the Indian Railways is stepping up efforts to reduce emission by 33 per cent in the next 10-12 years through sustained energy efficiency measures and and maximum use of clean fuel...

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Becomes First IT Company to Set Science-Based Targets for Supply Chain

By : sustainabilityo..., May 26, 2017

To meet the growing demand for connectivity while managing emissions throughout the value chain, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched the world’s first comprehensive supply chain...

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DBS to reduce carbon footprint in 3-year partnership with DHL

By : sustainabilityo..., May 10, 2017

DBS Bank will partner logistics company DHL Express Singapore to reduce its carbon footprint, according to a joint press release by the two firms on Tuesday.


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De Beers Prepares for South African Carbon Tax w/Carbon Capture Pilot Project

By : sustainabilityo..., May 8, 2017

De Beers, the diamond unit of Anglo American, will attempt to capture carbon within the rock from which diamonds are extracted in order to offset its harmful emissions and reduce a tax it might...

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Beijing removes 180,000 old, polluting cars from roads from Jan-Apr

By : sustainabilityo..., May 5, 2017

Beijing removed 180,000 old and polluting vehicles from its roads in the first four months of 2017, the Chinese capital's environmental bureau has said, as part of its efforts to tackle...

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Current PUC ineffective in testing diesel vehicles: EPCA

By : sustainabilityo..., May 4, 2017

While cities like London are gearing up to impose a vehicle pollution charge on older and more polluting vehicles later this year, India’s capital is still grappling with a Pollution Under...

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Emission standards soon for Railways

By : sustainabilityo..., May 3, 2017

 Indian Railways will soon come under emission standards, with the Engine Development Directorate of the Research Designs and Standards Organisation drawing up the draft norms for diesel locos...

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India admits it will miss coal emissions targets

By : sustainabilityo..., May 3, 2017

India’s ageing power stations will miss a government deadline to slash their emissions, the country’s power minister has admitted, as he reiterated the country’s longstanding position that the...

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First in India: Tamil Nadu foundries monitor emissions real-time

By : sustainabilityo..., May 2, 2017

Tamil Nadu has been recognised by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) as being the first state to use Internet of Things (IoT) for real time monitoring of emissions in the foundry...

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