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Modi’s Nepal visit brings focus on China-India energy rivalry

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 4, 2014

Energy will be high on the agenda when India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Nepal on Sunday, eager to claw back lost ground in the race for resources with China. A vast network of fast-flowing rivers through the Himalayas leaves huge untapped hydropower resources...

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Can waterless dyeing clean up the clothing industry?

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 22, 2014

Each year, one global industry gulps down trillions of liters of fresh water, together with massive amounts of chemicals. The wastewater from that industry is then dumped, often untreated, into rivers that bring its toxic content to the sea, where it spreads around the globe...

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Barack Obama's clean energy policy to benefit India and China

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 4, 2014

 WASHINGTON: The path breaking clean energy policy unveiled by the Obama administration would put the US at a disadvantage against countries like India and China, top US lawmakers and policy advocacy groups have said. 

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Obama's carbon curbs nullified by expanding China, India

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 2, 2014

 US President Barack Obama is set to take his boldest step to halt the rise of the oceans and stop the warming of the planet.

It won't be enough unless the rest of the world follows.
Trimming carbon emissions from US power plants by 25 per cent in coming...
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China fuels highest solar silicon demand since 2011

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 30, 2014

 The polysilicon industry is headed for its biggest boom since a price war started three years ago. It can thank a burst of solar-panel orders in China and Japan.

Demand for the commodity used to make photovoltaic cells will jump 15 per cent this year, the most since...

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Mercedes-Benz showcases electric vehicle with BYD

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 24, 2014

Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. officially unveiled its DENZA all-electric vehicle at Auto China 2014, in Beijing. The world premiere of the serial production model is the culmination of cooperative efforts at the 50:50 R&D technology joint venture...

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Hybrid cars significantly more fuel-efficient in India& China than US

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 24, 2014

 Hybrid vehicles are significantly more fuel-efficient in India and China than they are in the US, according to new research from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

This disparity in efficiency between the different markets is down to...

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China carbon cash party over as U.N. Credit Stream dries up

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 23, 2014

 BEIJING, April 23 (Reuters) - Revenues for China's biggest sellers of U.N.-issued carbon credits shrunk last year to a tenth of 2012 values, choking off billions of dollars flowing to clean energy projects in the world's top carbon-emitter.

China will now have less...

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CO2 emission by urban households 16 times more than rural ones: Report

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 15, 2014

A report by the International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, shows that the per capita emission of carbon dioxide by urban households is a shocking 16 times more than rural households. Experts say as households become richer, they...

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Hybrid vehicles more fuel efficient in India, China than in US

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 1, 2014

Hybrid cars are significantly more fuel-efficient in India and China than in the US due to traffic and driving conditions in these countries, a new study by Indian-origin scientists has found.


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