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Developing rigor on quantifying carbon impact

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 10, 2009

Carbon Information Management is rapidly emerging as a necessary requirement to keep carbon abatement activities going.

The last few years are seeing a lot of activity on this front i.e. quantification of the carbon footprint at an organizational (and country level)....

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Universal identifier for all carbon and renewable energy related projects

By : Pawan Mehra, Sep 9, 2009

APX announced today that two of its market standards have been accepted by SWIFT, the leader in standards and messaging for the financial services industry.

In the...

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First consumer efficiency projects in India to be translated into carbon credits

By : sustainabilityo..., Aug 6, 2009

The CDM pipeline analysis from the UNEP RISOE yesterday outlined some interesting submissions from India. A set of 11 Small Scale CDM Projects under a “CFL Lighting Scheme” have clearerd the National body and submitted to the CDM board this month. These are currently under a...

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