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EU Panel Votes to Limit Concessions on Airlines Carbon Curbs

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 31, 2014

The European Parliament’s environment committee backed changes to a draft law on airline emissions that would end concessions on pollution from foreign flights four years sooner than the European Commission proposed.

The panel voted today to end in 2016 a plan where...

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EU to announce 2030 climate change targets, with compromise possible

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 19, 2014

The EU will announce climate change targets for 2030 this week, but differences over priorities and an unwillingness to take the lead while global rivals hang back may result in a compromise.

The 2020 programme is...

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Good competition framework essential for sustainable growth: EU

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 25, 2013

 India and other big emerging economies need to promote competitive markets which is essential for sustainable economic growth, according to a senior European Union official.

Many countries are pushing for good competition practices at the market place amid persisting...

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India rejects US, EU moves to limit powerful greenhouse gases used in fridges

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 24, 2013

India opposed using the Montreal Protocol ozone-protection treaty to restrict powerful greenhouse gases called hydrofluorocarbons, pouring cold water on efforts by the U.S. and the European Union.

“It's honestly beyond...

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India, US dig in against EU air carbon charge

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 23, 2013

India voiced firm opposition on Tuesday to EU plans to impose a scaled-back carbon charge on flights over European airspace while a senior U.S. lawmaker said the EU proposal runs afoul of a law intended to shield U.S. airlines from such charges.

The European Commission...

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UN body rejects EU move to levy carbon tax on foreign airlines

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 8, 2013

India, along with countries like China, Russia and the US, scored a diplomatic victory in the aviation sector. The UN body in charge of civil aviation, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), made it clear that the Europe Union would not be...

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India to oppose EU proposal on international flight emissions

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 26, 2013

India will oppose the European Union’s (EU) proposal to tax airlines for emissions at the ongoing International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) general assembly in Montreal.

Currently, airlines flying to Europe do...

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Solar players upbeat over EU action against China

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 16, 2013

Indian solar cell and module manufacturers are enthused by two developments in the last few days.

First, the European Union’s action of imposing anti-dumping duty on solar panels imported from China has raised expectations that the Indian government will follow suit. (...

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Energy-rich NE can attract EU companies

By : Sustainability ..., May 28, 2013

The northeastern states with their abundant hydro power and potential for other renewable energy sources, offer immense opportunity for companies in the European Union (EU) to collaborate in the fields of energy, water and green technologies.

This view emerged...

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India to stand firm against EU emissions fines

By : Sustainability ..., May 20, 2013

 India will toughen its stand against a potential European Union (EU) move to penalize airlines based in the country for not submitting emissions data, according to two government officials familiar with the matter.

The European Commission said on Friday two...

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