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ONGC to start oil, gas production from KG basin by Sept

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 31, 2013

 State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp ( ONGC  ) is likely to start oil and gas production from its first deepsea field in Krishna-Godavari basin off Andhra coast by September. ONGC plans to use temporary facilities to begin production from G-1 marginal field in the KG basin...

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Board to push for coconut oil as bio fuel

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 17, 2013

The good old coconut oil may soon be in the list of emerging bio fuels in the country, if the latest initiatives of the Coconut Development Board are any indication.

The board is currently exploring the possibilities of using coconut oil as a fuel through tie-...

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Energy security: India pins hopes on access to US natural gas

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 12, 2013

Energy-hungry India looking to increase natural gas in its energy mix is urging the United States to greenlight liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, arguing it would be an economic benefit to both nations.

A spike in US natural gas production in recent years,...

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Biofuel business distress a boon for cooking oil and sugar consumers

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 7, 2013
Humans have a built-in weakness for fats and sugar and this summer there is a powerful reason to indulge. The basic ingredients of a happy meal — cooking oil and sugar — have become cheaper by Rs 4 a kilo in the past six months and prices are likely to...
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Soon, your car will run on used cooking oil

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 11, 2013

Used cooking oil may fuel your car soon.

The government has taken a clue from United States and Europe, where 75 % of used cooking oil is recycled to produce bio-diesel, and decided to have a similar frame-work for Indian eateries. As the first step in this...

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Starbucks to Eliminate Uncertified Palm Oil by 2015

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 27, 2013

Starbucks has agreed to purchase 100 percent of its palm oil from certified sustainable suppliers by 2015, according to Green Century Capital Management.

Starbucks made the change in response to a shareholder resolution filed by the Green Century Balanced Fund,...

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Shell Backs GlassPoint Solar Oil Recover Technology

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 13, 2012

GlassPoint Solar Inc., which is building the first plant in the Middle East that will tap heat from the sun to coax heavy crude oil out of aging fields, obtained funding from a group including Royal Dutch Shell Plc. (RDSA)

California-based GlassPoint said Shell...

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The water problem is also an oil problem

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 23, 2012

All those who believe oil and water don't mix, here's a quick 21st century update. The faster we run out of fresh water, the earlier we shall run out of oil. Their destinies are more closely entwined than ever before. Like oil, the world has a finite quantity of water...

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India's energy consumption to double by 2031

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 26, 2012

Energy consumption in India is likely to double to 1,124 kgs of oil equivalent (kgoe) by 2031-32 on the back of high economic expansion, a joint study by consultancy Deloitte and industry chamber Assocham showed Wednesday.

The report said a multi-pronged strategy, like...

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India, China Agree to Jointly Explore Energy Assets Overseas

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 19, 2012

ndia and China's largest oil companies have agreed to jointly explore for oil and gas worldwide, in an attempt to put aside long-standing rivalry and better use their combined financial muscle and expertise to secure energy supplies for their fast-growing economies.


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