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Indo-US Solar Tie Up on Track and Thriving

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 8, 2014

 The synergies inherent in combining India’s scientific strengths and the United States’ technical know-how are something that can bring significant progress in the development of frontline technology in solar energy, according to speakers at a Indo-US workshop on the subject...

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US unit offers India to co-develop, test carbon capture tech

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 31, 2014

 With India relying heavily on coal-fired power plants to meet its electricity needs, a major US' research facility has offered Indian tech experts, scientists and companies the opportunity to co-develop and test technologies related to carbon capture.

Once these...

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'LNG exports by US will strengthen India's energy security'

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 14, 2014

Natural gas exports by America will help its economy grow and strengthen energy security of countries like India, a top official of a trade association said here today. 

"For the first time in generations, the United...

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Built-In Savings: A U.S.-India Partnership on Energy-Efficient Buildings

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 14, 2014

 In order to reduce their greenhouse gas pollution, enhance their energy security, and grow their economies, the United States and India should aggressively pursue opportunities to curb energy waste, particularly in the building sector.

There is clear evidence of...

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U.S.-India Energy Dialogue 2014

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 12, 2014

 The U.S.-India Energy Dialogue met in New Delhi on March 5-11. Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia hosted the government-to-government portion of the Dialogue meeting on March 11 with United States Department of Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz.  The...

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US Energy Secretary to visit India next month

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 20, 2014

 US Energy Secretary Ernest J Moniz will travel to India in March to revive the bilateral energy dialogue postponed last month due to diplomatic dispute between the two countries. 

Moniz, who is expected to meet Indian officials on March 10 and 11, had put off the trip...

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'Green Energy Corridor' projects get international aid

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 17, 2013

 Working to setting up commercial cooperation in renewable energy with developed and developing countries, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has firmed up international cooperation agreements with Germany and United States to establish “Green Energy Corridors”...

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Sino-US stand-off threatens trade talks

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 15, 2013

A stand-off between China and the US over agricultural quotas is threatening to scupper efforts to secure a deal the World Trade Organisation is counting on to restore its credibility, officials said on Thursday.


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India, US dig in against EU air carbon charge

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 23, 2013

India voiced firm opposition on Tuesday to EU plans to impose a scaled-back carbon charge on flights over European airspace while a senior U.S. lawmaker said the EU proposal runs afoul of a law intended to shield U.S. airlines from such charges.

The European Commission...

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India, US in it for the long haul

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 29, 2013

As the US-India bilateral relationship progressed to what President Obama termed “one of the most defining partnerships of the 21st century”, the two countries have widened their canvas of collaboration. But with greater engagements have come greater...

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