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Indian plastics industry poised for major growth in new technologies: AIPMA

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 3, 2013

 Indian plastics industry is poised for a substantial growth in investment in new technologies with the increasing demand from various sectors such as agriculture, automobile, engineering, packaging, infrastructure and healthcare. 9th Plastivision India 2013 to be held in...

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Global Apparel Companies in India: Can They Be Socially Responsible?

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 2, 2013

Over the last few years, consumer demand for fashion and branded apparel has seen a steady increase. To balance the demand and supply, branded companies have relied on outsourcing materials and production. Recent, horrific tragedies in Bangladesh have only highlighted what...

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Indian Companies Seek Business-Trust Listings in Singapore

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 3, 2013

 Indian wind-power developers and a toll-road operator are flocking to list in Singapore, but they could be in for a bumpy ride thanks to India's struggles with a weaker currency and an ailing economy.

Companies from the South Asian country seeking to unlock value from...

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India, US in it for the long haul

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 29, 2013

As the US-India bilateral relationship progressed to what President Obama termed “one of the most defining partnerships of the 21st century”, the two countries have widened their canvas of collaboration. But with greater engagements have come greater...

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No drinking water, electricity and sanitation in 20% of rural houses: Report

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 27, 2013

 One in five rural households has none of three basic facilities - drinking water, electricity and sanitation - while only about 18% have access to all three. The India Rural Development Report 2012-13 released by Jairam Ramesh on Thursday also shows that while rural poverty...

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US-Iran thaw fuels hope in energy-hungry India

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 25, 2013

 The United States and Iran are renewing direct diplomatic contact after nearly 35 years. Responding to Iranian overtures, President Barack Obama on Tuesday asked his Secretary of State John Kerry to hold talks with his Iranian counterpart on the sidelines of the UN General...

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With investors looking for sunrise sectors, volatility to continue

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 22, 2013

US Federal Chairman Ben Bernanke, last week, had decided not to start shutting the liquidity tap giving the markets worldwide a surprise boost. Indian stock markets also rejoiced with strong gains. The $85-billion bond buying programme will continue to...

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From India to Africa: A basket of technology to transform lives

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 17, 2013

Solar-powered lamps made in India and by an Indian company were distributed first in refugee camps in Ethiopia in 2009 to provide security to women and promote education.

Since then 100,000 of these SUNLITE Solar Lanterns, each of which provides 9 to 10 hours of light...

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Ramky Enviro to set up 2nd waste management unit in TN

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 14, 2013

 Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd is to set up a Rs 270-crore industrial waste management project to cater to the industries in south Tamil Nadu.

According to the company, the project to be set up by a subsidiary, Tamil Nadu Waste Management Ltd, will initially invest Rs 80...

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Hospitals flout waste treatment norms

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 23, 2013

With the data provided by the Centre for Pollution Control (CPC), it has been found that majority of the city hospitals have been flouting the norms for biomedical waste treatment.


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