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So near yet so far: the EU and India

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 29, 2010

The way ahead The European Union has been a trusted partner in India’s development efforts, contributing funds to tackle poverty, improve healthcare and provide access to good education in India. In recent years, co-operation has increased to such areas like civil aviation,...

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US eager for progress on climate deal

By : sustainabilityo..., May 3, 2010

THE US is focused on making “solid, pragmatic progress” towards reaching a binding international treaty to tackle climate change, according to Todd Stern, President Barack Obama’s chief climate envoy.

Speaking in Washington before travelling to Bonn for informal talks...

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Inventor Honored for Technology That Improves Access to Clean Water, Healthcare and Business Development in Rural India

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 29, 2010

Eighty percent of health problems and five million deaths per year in developing countries are linked to inadequate water and sanitation according to the World Water Development Report 2009. This, coupled with the lack of medical attention for rural villagers, highlights a...

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Major economies meet on climate change

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 18, 2010

Representatives from the world's leading economies were meeting on Sunday to see if they can find common ground on climate change, as wide gaps divide the United States, China and other key nations.

The US-led Major Economies Forum includes 17 countries responsible for...

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Major economies delve into climate impasse

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - Representatives from the world’s leading economies were meeting Sunday to see if they can find common ground on climate change, as wide gaps divide the United States, China and other key nations.

The US-led Major Economies Forum includes 17 countries...

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Trillion-dollar question: Who leads climate battle?

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 29, 2010

Political and business leaders gather this week in an attempt to revive the world's faltering challenge to global warming. But they face a battle to lift the cloud of scepticism that has descended over climate science and chart a new way forward.

Some of the planet's...

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India Moves to Combat Climate Change With Green Tech

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 19, 2010

Energy efficiency and new green technology can help India mitigate the impact of climate change despite the lack of a global accord, concluded a panel here Mar. 12, organized by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“Copenhagen is not where the action is,” said Sean...

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India has many experiences to share: UNDP chief

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 12, 2010

New Delhi, Mar 11 : Helen Clark, the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), on Thursday said India has many experiences to share with other developing countries.Clark met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday, the last day of her five-day...

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India companies change U.S. strategy

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 6, 2010

As Atlanta continues to make strides in courting companies in India, companies in India are changing strategies when it comes to landing in the U.S. “More and more of these companies are in acquisition mode,” said Jorge Fernandez, vice president of global commerce for the...

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U.S. Senate weighs final push to move climate bill

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 21, 2010

A last-ditch attempt at passing a climate change bill begins in the U.S. Senate this week with lawmakers mindful that time is running short and that approaches to the legislation still vary widely, according to sources.

"We will present senators with a number of...

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