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U.N. climate chief terms recent errors as 'one mistake

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International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chief Rajendra Pachauri faced renewed questions about the agencies work and calls for his resignation. At a conference in India, Pachauri was swarmed by reporters and termed the recent errors found in the group’s reports as ‘one mistake.’

Following a discussion at the International Conference on Environment Audit Concerns About Water Pollution in his native India, Pachauri found himself surrounded by reporters. The press queried the climate chief about the errors and about mounting calls for his resignation from the climate body.

Pachauri remained defiant saying, “There is no several mistakes. There is only one mistake. Why should I resign? I have no reason to resign. I have a task to complete and I will finish it.”

Pachauri has become the center of an evolving story around the IPCC’s work and its claims of disastrous climate change caused by man.

Or be notified by email when a new article from the Climate Change Examiner is posted. Click the 'Subscribe' link at the top or bottom of the article and enter your email address.What started as one exaggerated claim of melting Himalayan glaciers in the AR4 report has grown to now include many other errors and questionable citations in what was said to be the ‘gold standard’ of climate science.

The discovery of the errors coupled with the Climategate email scandal has forced the United Nations to launch an independent investigation into the IPCC. The inquiry is to be led by the InterAcademy Council (IAC), a multinational group of science academies.

Author: sustainabilityoutlook