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Surat Municipal Corporation constructs road using plastic waste

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The Times of India
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Plastic waste, which forms a significant portion of the total municipal solid waste and happens to be an environmental hazard, is being put to good use in the city. The road department of Surat Municipal Corporation has constructed 10.5km of road using plastic waste as additive in the city.

The city generates nearly 1,650 metric tonnes of solid waste daily of which 13 per cent is plastic waste. National Green Tribunal (NGT) had earlier asked the city administration to dispose of waste in a scientific manner.

The SMC set up a 20MT plastic waste recycling plant to make plastic beans and began making plastic roads in the city. Some types of plastic waste can replace coal as fuel in boilers too. Plastic road has 10 per cent of plastic waste material compared to asphalt which is normally used in road construction.

It costs Rs8.24 per square meter more to SMC to construct a plastic road but it is still beneficial as it provides stability, increases resistance to acid and fuel spillages, reduces chances of bitumen bleeding, increases bonding capacity and the overall strength to support heavy traffic is also more.

SMC maintains a road network measuring 2,300km of length in the city, of which it has to remake 200km of roads every year.

"It is early stages of using plastic waste for road construction. However, we plan to make substantial use of plastic waste in making roads in future," said an officer of SMC's road department.


Author: sustainabilityoutlook