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Save Power – Renewable Energy Conference

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Save Power Show
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Presenting an exhibition that brings everyone closer – Save Power Show!

'Save Power Show' is an excellent networking and knowledge sharing platform for the stakeholders in Renewable Energy Sector. Save Power Show will showcase Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Products and Solutions under one roof to enable the visitors to acquire knowledge and information about the latest technology and the best solutions for their energy requirement, facilitating the transition of Kerala from Energy Crisis to Energy Security. 'Save Power Show' will be held at an ideal location at Le Meridien , Cochin between 2nd – 4th March, 2013.

Save Power – Renewable Energy Conference is first of kind knowledge sharing platform in the state of Kerala. It aims at discussion and deliberation of opportunities and challenges by industry leaders and policy makers, to unveil untapped Renewable Energy potential of the state.

The conference will have four Knowledge Sessions to acquaint the audience with new technology, latest trends, innovative solutions and successful case studies covering all the important Renewable Energy Segment : Solar PV & Thermal, Wind, Bio, Small Hydro, Waste to Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Conference Programme

Panel Discussion:

Untapped Potential vs Power Crisis in Kerala. How is the contest poised?

Untapped Renewable Energy potential in Kerala

Government incentives for new business in Renewable Energy

Industry leaders' perspectives on the Kerala market

Role of energy efficiency and conservation in overcoming power crisis

Challenges ahead for Kerala's power ambitions

Solar Technology

Kerala government's '10000 Solar Rooftop Power Plants Programme 2012-13' is a pioneering step in India's journey in the solar rooftop segment. It is also one of those very few renewable energy programmes in the country that encompass the common man within their purview, emulating the German rooftop solar model from the early 1990s.

Can Kerala recreate the success of Germany? What are the unforeseen business opportunities emerging in Kerala's solar power segment? What are the limitations? Industrial experts and thinkers sketch the road ahead for Kerala's solar dreams.

Wind Power Technology

Kerala has one of the highest wind speeds in the country. Industrial leaders estimate the wind power potential of Kerala to be over three times the presently calculated value of 600MW. This leaves the state with an untapped wind power potential of almost 2GW, and an industry all set to flourish in the immediate future.

What lies ahead for the wind power segment of Kerala? How can the challenges that limited the estimation of potential as well as installations be overcome? What are the incentives offered by the state government for promoting wind power generation in the state? Top leaders of the industry present their perspectives on a wide range of related topics.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an integral component of the 'Save Power' mission and also an attractive area of untapped opportunities. However, due to lack of comprehensive awareness on the potential of the energy efficiency segment especially in the form of products and systems for institutions, commercial establishments, residential complexes and communities, this segment has not received its due importance. With the union government introducing the smart-grids pilot programme for industries in Kerala in addition to a growing impetus on green buildings, electric vehicles, LEDs and other sustainability models and practices within the state, this session will witness the unveiling of a plethora of opportunities lined up in this segment for the future.

Are green buildings the way to go ahead in the future? What are the innovative trends emerging in the energy efficiency segment? Will smart-grids be a solution for the losses in transmission and distribution of power? How lucrative is the RoI in energy efficiency segment? And a lot more questions running on your minds.

Other Renewable Energy segments

With its abundance of flora and fauna along with the forty four rivers flowing across the state amidst highly favourable climatic conditions, Kerala is a paradise for anyone looking for opportunities in the areas of biomass, waste to energy, small hydro and oceanic energy. Expert analysts elucidate the opportunities versus challenges in these niche areas of renewable energy technologies.

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