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North Western Railways turns innovative, plans energy from plastic

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ET Energyworld
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The authorities of North Western Railways (NWR) have drawn up an innovative plan to generate energy from plastic bottles and cups that are disposed of at the Jaipur junction every day.

The NWR would set-up a waste-to-energy plant that would generate energy from the plastic waste. The capacity of the plant will be 5 ton MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) per day. Chief public relations officer of NWR, Tarun Jain said that as part railway’s energy conservation plans. “We have a water recycling plant which on average saves 1,8 lak litre of water every days. We already have a water treatment plant for washing coaches, now we are also setting-up another plant to clean platforms of Jaipur junction,’ Jain said.

The new plant would use recycled water to clean platforms and help railways save ground water for non-drinking purposes. “The new plant is in the offing and would soon be operational, we already have similar plants in Jaipur and Bikaner which has helped us saves waters,” said Jain while speaking to TOI over phone.

Jain added that NWR has become leading player in the nation for using solar panels on trains to generate energy for coaches. “As of now coaches draw energy for lights and fans from the engine, however, we have begun the test run of solar panel which will light up coaches,” Jain said, adding that if the test run yields successful results, then the same model will be replicated on the trains too.

“The solar powered trains would down the cost of the fuel, we have already been using these solar panels at other parts of our stations,” Jain said.

Author: sustainabilityoutlook