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India's NeoSilica Set to Reap Benefit from Billion Dollar Smart City and Smart Grid Rollouts

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India PR Wire
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Being the first India-centric, Smart Grid and Smart City Technology Provider, NeoSilica has grabbed an early advantage in India's Smart Grid Technology business. 'It's a multi-billion dollar opportunity, in India and global markets, and we are dreaming big,' says the confident CEO Satyam Bheemarasetti and its CTO Ravi Patruni - who are thrilled with the excitement as they are signing more customers- with Utilities, Solar and Smart Building market - right now. NeoSilica is also first to launch Smart City and Smart Grid Platform - suitable for Indian customers - combining futuristic-technologies like - 'Internet of Things IoT', Cloud-based enterprise software and Big Data.
Smart Grid: NeoSilica is winning reputed customers, as the technology gains traction, with the latest entrant Tata Power (Mumbai) adding strength to its 'Smart Grid solutions'; following their first Smart Grid deployment since 2012 in Pondicherry Electricity Board (pilot consortium lead by Power Grid Corporation of India).
Smart Energy: Deploying Plant SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) & Remote Monitoring in 60MW of Solar Plants, NeoSilica is replacing the traditional architectures with newer, Made in India, solution that integrates with everything in the Solar Plants, all the way up to the local Utilities.
Smart Buildings: Demonstrated actual energy savings (about 30%) and energy efficiency solutions in BHEL, Hyderabad. NeoSilica is also the first company to offer cloud based Energy Management solutions in India - giving world-class technologies at affordable prices.
With many global citites announcement to develop 100 Smart Cities across the country, NeoSilica is right there to meet the demand using their (Made in India) Smart City and Smart Grid Platform: forward-looking International technology and quality - tailored to suit every solar, utilities and buildings customers.
Three years since launching their products in India, NeoSilica announced entering 'growth phase' for their advanced technology solutions for Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart Buildings and Solar - where the Company won reputed customers in each area, and is building up impressive order book this year.
"Our first big opportunities as a start-up came when we were invited by Power Grid Corporation to be part of Smart Grid/City consortium (with industry majors from across the world) for the City of Pondicherry, where we were given unique opportunity to provide Meter Data Management System (MDMS) that integrates across any set of Smart Meter companies. NeoSilica deployed successfully integrating 10 Smart Meter companies, a first in India within the PowerGrid consortium, that helped stimulate Smart Grid projects across India" - says Satyam Bheemarasetti, Chief Executive Officer NeoSilica.
NeoSilica's solutions are built on their highly-integrated Smart City and Smart Grid Platform - with international quality and specifically tuned for Indian conditions. They are succeeding where similar solutions from industry majors are underperforming and remain incomplete, as a result of their legacy architectures. Decentralized hardware driven by cloud based software makes NeoSilica's solutions for Utilities, power plants & smart buildings highly responsive, flexible and scalable from a few to hundreds of locations spread across the globe.
'There is no IT solution platform that is highly integrable across DER distributed energy sources (Grid, Renewable Energy Sources, DG Sets, Battery/UPS, etc.), multi utility (Water and Gas in addition to Energy), load or consumption monitoring & management by both end user and Utility or Service Provider. NeoSilica is addressing this gap with its Smart City and Smart Grid Platform that is built from ground up around NeoSilica's distributed hardware controllers (energy gateways) , cloud based server software & user centric web enabled dashboards' - says Chief Technology Officer of NeoSilica Ravi Patruni.
Future Forward
NeoSilica expects its "trajectory of growth" will step up going forward. The Government goals to set up 100 SMART CITIES, greenfield or retrofit to existing, will create substantial demand for upgradation or installation of Smart City infrastructure. Solar projects are also on the rise, with few thousands of MW plants, are happening across the country - under national and state policies.
NeoSilica is quite excited about its prospects in the future. The large and sustained bet on Smart City projects in Government's key economic policy, specifically calls out smart city technology as a sector to be strengthened and encouraged. With help from government to push 'Make in India' innovation adoption, we are confident that we will be able to contribute significantly to make our nation cities energy smart." Satyam stated.
According to Frost & Sullivan smart cities are anticipated to create huge business opportunities across different industries with a total market value of $1.565 trillion by 2020.
About NeoSilica
NeoSilica serves a broad range of customers from large to medium enterprises, utilities, service providers, and government and consumer markets, in the area of Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart Buildings and Solar SCADA. All solutions are built on a highly integrated Smart City and Smart Grid Platform. NeoSilica is an active participant in industrial organizations and special interest groups in the fields of Cleantech, Green/Clean and Network Security. NeoSilica have acquired decades of rich experience in US technology environments and also in Cleantech space in India.

Author: Sustainability Outlook