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India to produce 1.1% more power than necessary this fiscal year

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Economic Times
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India is set to become power surplus this year. The country is likely to produce 1.1% more power than necessary, compared with a deficit of 2.1% last year, show government estimates. 

The peak-period surplus is estimated to be 2.6% against last year's deficit of 3.2%. But there will still be pockets facing high deficit due to transmission constraints, a report prepared by the Central Electricity Authority said. 

Demand or supply during evenings, when power consumption rises the most, is taken for peak-period measurements. The annual peak demand or supply is the sum total of demand or supply during that period. 

"State-wise power supply position shows that almost half of the states would be either surplus or balanced, and the remaining states would face both peaking and energy shortages in varying degrees during 2016-17," said SD Dubey, chairman of the Central Electricity Authority. "However, the actual shortage would depend on the extent to which the state is able to get additional power from the surplus states." 

Peak shortages are likely to prevail mainly in the North, South and Northeast, at 1.6%, 10.0% and 3.8%, respectively. 

The assessment of anticipated power supply position during 2016-17 has been made taking into consideration power availability from various stations in operation, including non-conventional energy sources, fuel availability and anticipated water availability at hydel power stations. 

This estimation has considered a total capacity addition of 16,654 Mw during 2016-17 — 13,440.5 Mw of thermal, 1,714 Mw of hydro and 1,500 Mw of nuclear. 

Gross energy generation has been estimated at 1,178 billion units from conventional power plants in operation and those expected to be commissioned during the year.

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