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Gujarat government to incentivise plastic disposal, to give Rs 1/bottle

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Plastic waste disposed from your home could become the means livelihood for some poor family. The Gujarat government is coming up with a policy to incentivise the systematic disposal of plastic waste. The government will set up a system through which plastic waste from cities and villages will be recycled and the rag pickers would get paid by the weight of the plastic waste.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced that the government will pay Re 1 for every used plastic bottle through a reverse vending machine. The benefits of the policy will also be extended to other forms of recycled plastic waste such as bags, kitchenware, gadgets, toys, etc.

A senior official privy to the development said: "The government is seriously thinking of incentivising systematic disposal of plastic waste including pet bottles. Plastic bottles are easy to collect as compared to other waste. There is a huge chunk of such other plastic waste materials that remains unsorted which creates more pollution. If such waste also can help poor families of rag pickers to earn, it is the best way to make the practice of systematic disposal."

According to the official, this would also encourage rag pickers to sort plastic waste properly. "Also, citizens who segregate plastic waste will get some rewards from civic bodies so that they get motivated. The policy for earning through reverse vending machines would be limited to rag pickers only, but common people could also get some benefit for their contribution to make a plastic pollution free society," he said.

The state government's policy will also include the provision for penalties against irrational disposal of plastic waste and use of hazardous plastic materials. The government has set some rules banning some plastic materials which is not degradable. "There is a need to make rules stricter against irrational disposal of plastic waste and that is why we are mulling to make provision for stricter rules," he said.

How will the plastic waste be disposed of finally?

The plastic waste collected from different sources will be further segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable plastic materials. The recyclable materials will be sent to plants where it could be used as raw material for other plastic products.

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk