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Goa government to launch tender for solar-powered ferry service soon

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The Economic Times
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The river navigation department (RND) is gearing up to add new ferries to its fleet. While three new ferries will ply on the existing routes, the government is also seeking bids to launch the state’s first solar-powered ferry service. The tender for either of these is expected to be floated by the end of the month, sources from RND said.

“We are in the process of floating a tender for three new ferry boats. The file is awaiting administrative approval. By the end of August, we will be floating a tender for the same,” an RND official said.

Sources said that attempts are being made to ensure that the three new ferries are aesthetically better looking than the existing ones. “We have suggested some changes in the design in terms of its appearance. At the same time, we will get some ideas from the bidders and will decide what features to add, accordingly,” he said.

In April this year, RND had launched three new ferries which are now operational on the state’s waterways.

An expression of interest will also be published for the solar-powered ferry launch service. The ferry will run on solar energy and battery-run electric energy. The vessel will be supported by a generator onboard to be used as back-up.

The eco-friendly technology of a solar-powered ferry launch service will be a 75-seater vessel. “We will procure one solar boat and operate it on a trial basis for a year. We are proposing a vessel which will run at 14-15 knots. If it’s successful, more solar boats will be procured for the state,” sources said.

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk