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Gem Enviro ties up with Sybly Industries Ltd. for its latest recycled yarn brand – SyGreen

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Gem Enviro Management, a Delhi-based packaging scrap management company that provides scrap management solutions, announces its exclusive partnership with Sybly Industries Ltd. for the latter’s latest recycled yarn brand – SyGreen. As a part of the association, Gem would look after the marketing of Sybly’s new product range in polyester yarn under its latest brand SyGreen that was launch earlier this month.

Known for its recycling and re-selling endeavors, Gem Enviro is involved in sale of packaging scrap to recyclers, and sale of recycled merchandise to corporate and retail clients. These products are sold under its ‘Being Responsible’ initiative.

Commenting on the association, Sachin Sharma, CEO, Gem Enviro said, “As a company that promotes recycling and sustainability, Gem Enviro welcomes all initiatives and marketing opportunities from companies like Sybly Industries, which have similar objectives. Through our exclusive tie up, we hope to make SyGreen a prominent name in the recycled yarn sector, and significantly maximize its sales through our comprehensive marketing activities.”

Sybly Industries Ltd. is a company that is engaged in manufacturing of polyester yarn and trading in fabrics since 1999. It is also involved in wholesale of textiles, clothing & footwear, and preparation & spinning of textiles fibers. Through its partnership with Gem Enviro, the company hopes to augment its position in the promising recycled yarn industry.

Gem Enviro provides wide ranging services like Waste Management, Manufacturing & Marketing of recycled products, and Green Awareness campaigns. As part of its strategy, the company aims to develop an all India system for collection of post-consumer PET scrap via Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that will be set up across the country in the next couple of years.

About Gem Enviro Management

GEM Enviro management Pvt Ltd is a Delhi-based organized packaging scrap management company that provides complete value chain solutions for packaging scrap management to its clients. It is among few select companies in India that offer such services, which includes - collection, recycling and sale of recycled merchandise to its clients. Through its initiatives the company aims to promote sustainability, recycling, acceptance of recycled merchandise among mass and helps in conserving the environment. GEM provides wide range of services like scrap management, sales and marketing of recycled merchandise and organizing green awareness campaigns. Its sales are achieved via following activities: Sale of packaging Scrap to recyclers, and Sale of Recycled Merchandise to corporate and retail clients. These products are sold under its ‘Being Responsible’ motto.

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