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Dust from unpaved roads, traffic congestion main local factors behind pollution in Delhi-NCR

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Business Standard
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Dust from unpaved roads, construction activities and traffic congestion are some of the main local factors causing the air quality of Delhi-NCR to deteriorate as reported by 41 inspection teams deployed to monitor the implementation of norms enforced to combat pollution.

According to three reports on the inspections conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board till October 7, it was found that a total of 96 inspections were conducted during which 554 violations were recorded.

Of the 554 cases, 41 per cent violations were for open storage of construction and demolition of waste; 14 per cent for open waste dumping; 13 per cent for dust from unpaved roads; 10 per cent for open dumping of construction waste; 7 per cent for traffic congestion; 5 per cent for road dust re-suspension; and 3 per cent for open burning.

The CPCB has deployed 41 two-membered teams to monitor pollution in the National Capital Region. Delhi's air quality for the first time this season deteriorated to "very poor" on Wednesday.

The reports on the details of inspections conducted from September 15 to October 7 showed dust from unpaved roads, construction activities and traffic congestion as the main reasons behind the deterioration of air quality.

The reports list steps taken by the CPCB to deal with the violations recorded. The actions included informing authorities like Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and New Delhi Municipal Council to impose suitable penalties on the violations.

The teams for the first time covered NCR region, a senior CPCB official said.

The CPCB also implemented the Graded Response Action Plan from Monday under which a set of measures to curb air pollution were implemented based on the daily Air Quality Index.

However, penalties imposed after the implementation of GRAP has not been released by the CPCB yet.

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk