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Dedicated satellite to monitor greenhouse emission by 2012

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New Kerala
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Gadanki (chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh), Mar 7 : To monitor the greenhouse emissions in the country and as well as globe, a dedicated satellite would be launched with the support of ISRO by 2012, Union Minister for Environment and Forests Mr.Jairam Ramesh said here today. 

Addressing a press conference at the National Atmospheric Research Laboratory here, Mr Ramesh said to protect forest, another satellite called' satellite forestry would be ready by 2013 and the National Institute for studying Climate and Environment (NISCE) would be established in the temple town of Tirupati with financial collaboration with the Indian Space Research organization (ISRO) and the Ministry of four departments Environment Forests, Earth Sciences, Department of Science and Technology and Department of Space, he said.

The main objective of the institute was to study the impact of climate change and the fallout of greenhouse emissions on the environment by monitoring the modelling of the forest cover through satellite technology, Mr Ramesh said as of now, only the European countries and Japan have such a feature .

The Minister was optimistic about the protection and development of the forest cover in India. While the forests are getting depleted at a rapid pace elsewhere in the world, in India, about 3 million hectares of new forest belt was added to existing cover during 1997-2007 and declined 2.5 hectares of forest land per year in Brazil, he said.

The Union Minister Mr.Ramesh said as many 250 million population in the country are dependent for their livelihood on forests and the formulation of policies on the forestry would invariably depend on the social , economical and environmental issues. While explaining the newly inaugurated Indian Climate Observatory Network (ICON) at the NARL centre here, he said it would operate in corrdination with five monitoring stations of the ISRO in the country and many more stations would be coming up under the network soon, he said.

The Minister said the India Network of Climate Change Assessment (INCCA) with its 250-strong scientists-force in 700 workstations would release the first report about the inventory about the greenhouse gas emissions on May 10,2010, however, last time, the report for the year 1994 was released through general data collection.

The 4/4 assessment report related four sectors comprising agriculture, water, health and forests in the four regions of Western Ghats, North-East, Himalayas Ecosystem and the Coastal Zone would be published in November 2010, he added.

Earlier, presenting a power point presentation on ICON by NARL Director Mr A Jaraman and the Union Minister discussed it with the concerned engineers and scientists over the climate studies.

Later, former ISRO Chief and Planning Commission Member Dr K Kasturirangan inaugurated the Lower Atmospheric Wind Profiling (LAWP) Radar in the presence of Union Minister Mr Ramesh and ISRO Chief Dr K Radhakrishnan.

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