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CII and Carbon Disclosure Projects Launch new "Disclosure to Action" initiative

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Sustainability Outlook
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Confederation of Indian Industry [CII] and the Carbon Disclosure Project [CDP] have commenced a new initiative titled CII-CDP Disclosure to Action. The CDP-related activity in India, now in its sixth year, has clearly revealed that climate change represents significant risks and opportunities to Indian businesses. As the world and India move towards even more ambitious but stringent GHG mitigation regimes, it is clear that the early movers will enjoy significant competitive advantage.

In order to assist Indian businesses to better respond to such challenges CII and CDP have constantly worked to build their internal capacity. In continuation of these efforts we are organising a series of workshops in the period January to March 2012, each covering the following topics:

1. CDP Questionnaire, GHG accounting, mitigation and measurement

2. ISO 50001: Energy Management Standard

3. International good practices in GHG and energy management

4. PAT [Perform, Achieve and Trade scheme]

These workshops, under the aegis of the CII-CDP Disclosure to Action programme, are being conducted with the support of the British High Commission in India. The objective is to enable select Indian businesses to identify and implement systematic and effective frameworks in the management of energy efficiency and as well as GHG emissions.

Kolkata (Feb 1-2), Delhi (Feb 7-8), Pune (Feb 21-22), Chennai (Mar 6-7) and Jamshedpur (Mar 21-22).

Author: Sustainability Outlook
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