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Cabinet approves electrification of 13,675 km non-electrified rail routes at a cost of Rs 12,134 crore

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The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today approved electrification of 13,675 km of non-electrified railway routes at a cost of Rs 12,134.50 crore. The idea is to make the national transporter more efficient and lower down pollution from diesel engines. 

“Post electrification, Indian Railways is likely to save Rs 13,510 crore per annum in fuel bill. Will generate direct employment of about 20.4 crore man days during the period of construction,” the government said in a statement.

The proposed electrification, which was mainly for missing links and last mile connectivity, will increase the operational efficiency, enhance the line capacity and improve the average speed of trains.

The approved electrification will reduce the use of imported fossil fuels. The move would reduce the consumption of high speed diesel oil by 2.83 billion litres per annum and cut down railways’ environmental impact.

Currently, around two thirds of freight and more than a half of passenger traffic in Indian Railways moves on electric traction. However, electric traction accounts for a mere 37 per cent of the total energy expenses of railways. 

The government said 100 per cent electrification will ensure seamless operations of trains, increase safety and cut dependence on imported petroleum fuels. 

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk