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Cabinet apprised of India joining as member of IEA programme

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ET Energy World
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The Union Cabinet Thursday apprised of India joining as member of Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme under International Energy Agency on May 9.

The programme TCP works under the framework of International Energy Agency (IEA) to which India has "Association" status since March 30, 2017, an official statement said.

The primary goal of joining the programme by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is to facilitate the market introduction of advanced motor fuels/ alternate fuels with an aim to bring down emissions and achieve higher fuel efficiency in transport sector.

"The benefits of participation in AMF TCP are shared costs and pooled technical resources. The duplication of efforts is avoided and national Research and Development capabilities are strengthened," it said.

After becoming member, it said India will initiate R&D in other areas of its interest in advanced biofuels and other motor fuels in view of their crucial role in substituting fossil fuel imports.

AMF TCP also provides an opportunity for fuel analysis, identifying new/ alternate fuels for deployment in transport sector and allied R&D activities for reduction in emissions in fuel intensive sectors, the statement said.

The programme is an international platform for co-operation among countries to promote cleaner and more energy efficient fuels and vehicle technologies.

Its activities relate to R&D, deployment and dissemination of advanced motor fuels and looks upon the transport fuel issues in a systemic way taking into account the production, distribution and end use related aspects.

The other members are the US, China, Japan, Canada, Chile, Israel, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Korea, Switzerland and Thailand.

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk