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BSES commissions solar micro grids with battery storage

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Energy World - Economic Times
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BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) on Tuesday said it has launched a pilot to establish solar micro grids, becoming one of the first discoms in the country to do so in an urban setting. “These micro grids will combine rooftop solar with lithium-ion-based battery energy storage systems. As a technology demonstrator, four such micro grids have been set-up at BYPL offices in East Delhi,” BSES said in a statement. The company also added that the energy generated through rooftop solar is used and the surplus is fed into the grid, which has the potential to reduce electricity bills. 

According to the statement, a pan discom (including at consumer location) roll-out of 1,000 such solar-energy battery storage micro grids has the potential to save about 62 million units of electricity and over three lakh litres of diesel amounting to about Rs 41 crore on an annualised basis – cumulatively for the discom and the consumers, which would lead to a CO2 reduction of about 51,000 tonnes. “The initial results of the pilot project at four BYPL locations in East Delhi are very encouraging. At these locations, the discom has installed rooftop solar plans varying between 5 kilowatt (KW) and 7 KW and energy battery storage between 7 kilowatt hour (kWh) and 10 kWh. They show that over this period only 8 per cent of grid power (net of exports) was used,” BSES said.

According to the discom, the balance 92 per cent was generated and met through the solar plant coupled with the energy battery storage. Apart from this, on an annualised basis, around 1,245 litres of diesel and 0.24 million units of electricity amounting to about Rs 20 lakh can be saved on an annual basis. Additionally, it could also reduce CO2 of around 205 tonnes, the statement said. 

The discom has tied-up with Council on Energy, Environment and Water to gauge and assess the system performance of the pilot. 

At present, the cost of setting-up a rooftop solar system is around Rs 40,000 per KW and around Rs 80,000 per KW for an energy storage system.