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BDA bans plastic from September

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The Telegraph India
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The development authority on Saturday took its first step towards enforcing ban on plastic. To mark its 36th foundation day, the authority has decided to restrict the use of plastic at its parks, markets and office from September 1.

The state government had on July 10 decided to ban the use of plastic in five cities from October 2.

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has also decided to install chilled and normal water purifiers in all floors of its main office to discourage employees from using plastic bottles. It has also planned to replace plastic folders with paper or cloth folders during meetings.

Besides, an office order will be issued shortly to ask employees not to carry their food in plastic containers. They will be advised to use metal lunch boxes and containers.

Similarly, plastic carry bags will not be allowed at the BDA headquarters and other places under its jurisdiction.

To educate people on plastic menace, awareness activities will be organised at BDA-run parks. If anyone is found using plastic at parks, the BDA plans to impose a hefty fine on the violator. Morning walkers and those who regularly frequent parks will be requested to implement the decision.

While giving the go ahead for building plan approval, the BDA will ensure that plastic is not used in construction.

The BDA will also form squads to crackdown on the use of plastic at parks and markets. To start with, a three-day plastic collection drive will start on September 1 to clean up parks.

In a first of its kind, the BDA will also install reverse vending machines at parks for collection of empty bottles. Extended producers responsibility will be in use so that the producers could add the cost of managing plastic while pricing their materials.

If vendors are found violation ban on plastic at BDA markets, the authority will go as far as cancelling trading licence. Flex banner has also been banned at markets. Traders will be encouraged to use cloth banners to promote products.

"We are going to install plastic collection machines to make the city free from plastic. The development authority will also implement plastic ban on its premises. The plastic ban decision will also be implemented at parks and offices run by us," said mayor Ananta Narayan Jena.

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk