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360-degree plan to convert cattle dung into energy

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First getting villagers to collect and treat it, then tapping entrepreneurs to set up plants to generate bio-gas and bio-CNG, pushing it to market through oil and gas marketing and then selling it online through e-commerce platforms— a 360 degree plan is in the works to convert cattle dung to energy and organic manure and the government is dead serious about it. Called Gobar-Dhan, the scheme roadmap is not just meant as a means to convert waste to wealth, but is an ambitious effort to clean India’s villages.

According to estimates, India has about 30 crore cattle population and approximately 30 lakh tonnes of cattle dung is generated daily. “Other biomass such as crop waste and kitchen waste are fantastic source to generate bio-CNG and manure. The scheme will be entrepreneur-led and ensure the bio-CNG and manure are sold to make the programme sustainable,” said a government official, who did not wish to be named. To begin with, the drinking water and sanitation ministry will roll out the scheme across 350 districts from April and in the second phase rest of the districts will be covered. Sources said one of the major oil manufacturing PSU has agreed to buy the bio-CNG that will be produced under this scheme.

The official added the scheme will involve biomitras, who will collect the waste and will get remuneration. “The local panchayat will be the centre of the scheme. They will take the decision about technology and where to set up the plant. Government will help the entrepreneurs under this scheme and it will be output based,” the official said. TOIhas learnt that the drinking water and sanitation ministry will approach the fertiliser ministry to help marketing the manure and will also rope in major online marketing firms such as Amazon, Flipkart.

Author: sustainabilityoutlook