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12 dyeing units to lose power supply due to defunct effluent plant

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The district administration on Wednesday directed Tangedco to cut power supply to 12 textile bleaching and dyeing units at Mangalam here as their common effluent treatment plant (CETP) was not functioning properly. 

The direction was given as per the recommendion of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, which after inspection found that important machines used for the reverse osmosis process were not functioning at the CETP in Mangalam.

The plant’s recycling technologies was functioning at Andipalayam. It has a capacity to treat 3.88 MLD of industrial effluents, but it was allowed to treat only 1.16 MLD. The 12 dyeing units operated in the same locality were using the plant to recyle their effluents.

“Without operating those machines, it was not possible to treat industrial effluent. But the CETP was receiving effluents regularly to the permitted capacity. But the effluents were not treated. They might be released into Noyyal,” said a TNPCB official.

“The operations of the 12 dyeing units should be stopped till the CETP functions properly. So the TNPCB recommended the district monitoring committee to cut electricity supply to those units. The committee on Wednesday has directed Tangedco. The units should not be operated. If they are found to be operating, closure orders will follow,” the official added.

Author: Sustainability Outlook Desk