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Record-breaking solar panel converts more than a quarter of sunlight into electricity

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 22, 2017

A record-breaking solar panel that can convert more than a quarter of the sunlight it receives into electricity has been developed by researchers in Japan.


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IIT Madras Solar Tech aims to go commercial

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 14, 2017

After taking electricity to remote villages in various corners of the country, IIT Madras is gearing up for a pan-India commercial launch of its solar-powered microgrid technology by this year-...

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China's first wastewater plant using radiation

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 10, 2017

Radiation is now being explored to treat industrial waste in developing countries like China which has set up its first such plant to clean wastewater from a textile dyeing facility. The...

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Envigreen develops environment friendly plastic product

By : SustainabilityO..., Mar 3, 2017

In Ashwath Hegde’s 10th-floor office in the south-Indian city of Bengaluru, plastic has become a multi-sensory experience.


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'Soon, Print Solar Cells At The Cost Of A Newspaper'

By : SustainabilityO..., Feb 20, 2017

Printing solar cells may soon be as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper, thanks to researchers who have cleared a critical manufacturing hurdle in the development of a new class of...

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USD 4 Billion Market Potential of ZLD across 5 Industries by 2020 in India

By : SustainabilityO..., Feb 17, 2017

March to Sustainability: Zero Liquid Discharge, an in-depth market assessment report, quantifies the market opportunity for ZLD at USD 4 billion (INR 270 billion) across five water intensive and...

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Samsung launches world’s first solar-powered refrigerators

By : SustainabilityO..., Feb 17, 2017

Samsung India today expanded its consumer electronics portfolio by introducing smart convertible frost-free and direct cool refrigerators which run on solar power and a new range of air...

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Videocon launches solar energy air conditioner

By : SustainabilityO..., Jan 25, 2017

Videocon, the consumer electronics and home appliances company, on Tuesday unveiled a Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner (AC). The company claims it's the world's first AC to run on solar energy....

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Solar-powered system to provide safe drinking water in India

By : SustainabilityO..., Jan 24, 2017

Scientists are developing a low-cost, solar-powered water purification system that may help over 77 million people in remote parts of India get access to safe drinking water.

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Siemens Ltd launches the most energy efficient low voltage motors in India

By : SustainabilityO..., Jan 19, 2017
  • The New range of SIMOTICS 1LE7 low voltage IE3 motors will be manufactured in India
  • ...
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