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Data Sets Updated Daily
Leading indicator: trend of CDM projects from India submitted for prior consideration (Chart)
Leading Indicator: Projects Requesting Registration from India
This Month's CER Issuances in India
UNFCCC Projects in India Registered this Quarter
Repository Snapshot (For the detailed repository click here)
Carbon Commerce: Kyoto Protocol/ CDM Regime
Monthly Chart: CERs Issuance in India from 2008 (Chart)
Last Month's CER Issuances in India
Historic Trend: Dates when CDM projects in India have been approved (Chart)
Gold Standard CDM Projects from India

Carbon Commerce: Voluntary Standards
Gold Standard VER Projects from India
Projects in India Registered with Voluntary Carbon Standard

Global Benchmarks
Projects Submitted by Country for Prior Consideration of CDM last quarter
Projects Submitted by Country to UNFCCC for Registration last quarter
Number of CDM Projects Registered by Country Last Quarter
Annual Reductions of CDM Registered Projects Registered Last Quarter
CER Issuance by Country Last Quarter

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